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Amanda of Tori Songs, Natasha of All These Years, and Tiffany of Tori Amos Confessions have teamed up to bring you a spectacular celebration for our favorite little redhead’s upcoming 50th birthday. 

We’ve worked with some well known artists, newly published authors, friends and etsy artisans to put together a huge collection of Tori related merchandise that we’ll be giving away to at least three lucky fans. 

Entries will be taken as donations to raise money for RAINN - each dollar equals one entry, and we plan to have *at least* three boxes full of goodies to use as prizes for the raffle. You can give as little as one dollar (one entry) with no sort of maximum donation cap! If you’d like to donate one hundred dollars, you’ll earn one hundred entries.

You can make a donation here:

Please click here to see a list of items that will be included in the giveaways - or, stay tuned and follow the blog, as we’ll be listing out products daily!

The drawing for prizes will happen on August 22nd, 2013. 

We’ll also be putting together a collection of birthday message, videos, and pictures - more on that soon!


sorry for the delay guys, my laptop crashed on me and I just got back around to redoing everything. I’m back now though, hope you’re all enjoying the site!!

we’re out of submissions, start sending in any you have! <3

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